Top 5 Political and A-List Guest Spots

There are around 7.8 billion people in the world, but most of the attention is focused on a handful of celebrities and their lavish lifestyles. Obviously, we’re talking about the two groups—politicians and celebrities—who garner more attention than everyone else. They are also often discussed in the video game community. The greatest five political and celebrity slots are listed below to serve as examples…

The Trump Upgrade

Trump, love him or hate him, is probably the most well-known person on the planet. As the 45th President of the United States, he has spent a lot of time with other world leaders, including Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and Angela Merkel of Germany.

We only bring them up because of the striking resemblance they have to the characters in the Trump It Deluxe slot. This clever five-reel slot was published in 2020 and is set in front of a building that seems like it may be the United Nations headquarters.

In addition to the previously listed figures, there are also three different scatter symbols, an eagle, a tiger, and a bear. In addition to the free spins and battle bonus rounds, the eagle, tiger, and bear each have their own scatter-triggered free spins and bonus rounds.

Crystal Burst To paraphrase Marilyn Monroe

Even after they leave this mortal coil, celebrities’ names and images may remain widely recognized and celebrated for many years. Marilyn Monroe is a brilliant example of that statement, Gem Splash. It’s a five-reel slot machine based on the same name that stars the Hollywood starlet from the ’50s.

The blonde bombshell herself, together with the playing card values J, Q, K, and A, a red rose, a vintage microphone, a diamond (a girl’s closest friend), and other symbols. The scatter symbol is represented by Marilyn’s ruby red lips, and the Gem Splash and Gem Drop icons are also significant.

The Gem Splash sign appears on all five reels, and when it is covered by a Gem Drop symbol, a prize is immediately revealed. When a Gem Drop symbol appears, it moves down one position per spin, and if it lands on a Gem Splash, you win up to 100 times your wager.

Free Spins are triggered by landing three scatters, and during this round, the Gem Drop symbols can expand to fill the entire reel in sizes of 2×2, 3×3, or even 4×4. If you get three scatters again, you’ll get an additional six free games.

James Dean

James Dean should be given his due if it’s okay for Marilyn Monroe to have her own time slot. NextGen Gaming has released a slot machine with symbols including 10s, Js, Qs, Ks, and As as well as sunglasses, a film reel, a motorcycle, and a sports vehicle. James Dean makes a double appearance, with one version acting as a wild on reels two, three, and four. As a scatter, Hollywood stardom is used.

If you get three Wild symbols anywhere on the reels, you will trigger three free spins where all wins will be multiplied by three. The James Dean Pick Bonus can award up to 150 times your wager if you manage to get three of the other James Dean symbols. Win up to five times as much during the Legend Spins bonus round by accumulating clapperboard symbols during the ten free games triggered by three scatters.

Warriors of the Rocket Launch

Red Tiger’s Rocket Men slot machine features two people named Don and Kim who appear very familiar. Both of them are obsessed with might and mighty rockets, which may explain why we identify them. It’s not as hazardous as it sounds because the rockets fired in this game help players win cash prizes.

Playing card values 10, J, Q, K, and A, a blue duck, a burger with a stick of dynamite in it, and a woman’s buttocks with a DON tattoo on her right cheek are all featured symbols. As a paying wild, a set of rockets is used. When a special symbol with a corresponding bonus feature appears on the reels, the function is activated. Kim’s Little Game, Boom Time, Party Time, and Nuclear Spins are the bonus features. Except for the most politically correct among us, they’re all hilarious.

A Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee rounds out our top five choices. This five-reel slot is a fantastic homage to the late master of kung-fu, who passed away more than four decades ago but whose legacy lives on. This game is fantastic if you practice martial arts or are just a fan of the most famous actor to ever star in a martial arts film.

When you initially start up this Bruce Lee slot machine, you might note that the first two reels only have two rows on them, while the next three have four rows each. It’s a nice change of pace from the standard slot machine, and you can choose the number of active paylines from 10 to 60. Symbols in this game include nunchaku, shuriken, a scroll, some Chinese money, and not one but two Bruce Lee pictures (one of which is a wild).

There are three ways to activate the game’s Free Spins bonus. The best way to win is to get three scatter symbols, which will award you with 20 free games and turn one reel wild.

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